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Roads to Rome Private Tours

Take a tour with an archaeologist! Roads to Rome Private Tours: skip the line tickets, pick up service and transportation included. Private tours designed just for you.

We hire only the best guides, selected because of their solid background in archaeology or art history.

We treat our clients as individuals, and we’ll design a private tour that will perfectly match your needs and expectations; furthermore, we never forget that a private tour also has to be fun and entertaining.

Roads to Rome Private Tours was founded by Giovanni Vergineo, a professional archaeologist from Italy, and by Laura Provance, an American girl from Missouri (who left the company in 2013).

We don’t just provide tours, but life-lasting memories.

about us giovanni

Giovanni Vergineo was born in 1984 in Benevento, Italy, and he had a great passion for archaeology since he was a kid. In 2009 he graduated summa cum laude at the University of Salerno (bachelor and master’s degree) and then he moved to Rome in order to join the School of Specialization in Classical Archaeology.

In Rome he dug in many important archaeological sights like the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum (in the Colosseum area) and studied the marble decoration of the Imperial Forums for about one year.

At the end of his courses of study, Giovanni wrote two thesis about the Oriental Religions in Italy during the Roman age and one about the “Temple A” in Campo della Fiera, Orvieto, which is the dig site where he worked every summer for ten years (since 2014 as a field director).

After Giovanni graduate from the School of Specialization in 2012 (summa cum laude) he started working as a tour guide and founded Roads to Rome to Rome Private Tours. His objective was to create a company that would have provided high-quality private and tailored tours instead of “normal” boring group tours. Giovanni’s dream was to take his clients the places where I had dug and share his direct knowledge of the sights with them, mixing his education with an innovative idea of tourism in order to provide tours that would have been interesting, fun, and designed around the client’s needs.

In 2017 he decided to look for an associate, and Maurizio was the perfect choice.

Giovanni has published some papers, mostly about the Oriental Religions in Italy, and recently was in the team that organized an international exhibit about the “Campo della Fiera” excavation entitled “Le lieu céleste. Les Étrusques et leurs dieux” at the National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg.

He’s also a writer, and wrote many short stories and a novel.

He plays the bass guitar and the piano (the piano not very well, to be honest).

about us maurizio

Maurizio Fascitiello was born in 1984 in Vairano, Italy. His love for antiquity brought him to study archaeology at the University of Naples, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2010 (bachelor and master’s degree).

Maurizio has been involved in many digs and other archaeology-related activities both in Italy and abroad. He dug in Cuma, an extremely important Greek city near Naples, in Syria (Tell Barri) where he was a field director until 2010, and in many other sites.

In 2011 Maurizio was the field director during the excavation of a sophisticated Roman villa near Ostia Antica, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. The results of this work were published in a paper entitled “The excavation of Villa C at Casale Dragoncello”http://www.fastionline.org/docs/FOLDER-it-2018-403.pdf).

Maurizio has presented the results of his researches in several international study conferences (in Naples, Merida, Rome, Udine) since the year 2006 and in 2017 he got another Master Degree on Illicit Traffic of Cultural Heritage.

In 2012 Maurizio became a licensed guide of Rome, and in 2017 he joined Roads to Rome Private Tours. Giovanni chose him because of his solid background and great passion for archaeology and history.

Maurizio has been a great addition to the Roads to Rome team: his knowledge, his ability to share the contents of his studies in a fun and engaging way, and his customer-oriented mentality are helping Roads to Rome Private Tours grow and be a better company every day.

He likes reading and he plays the guitar, but never when Giovanni plays the piano because he’s too good.

Some pictures of the “Roads to Rome boys”

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