We are Roads to Rome Private Tours,  your tour guides in Rome. But not only that! Have you ever visited the beauties of Italy or the Eternal City with a guide that is also an archaeologist?

My name is Giovanni Vergineo, and I’m an archaeologist from Benevento, a town near Naples where I was born in 1984.

I’m the founder of Roads to Rome Private Tours.

In 2009, after getting my first and second level degrees in Salerno, I moved to Rome in order to join the School of Specialization in Classical Archaeology.

In Rome, I dug in many important archaeological sights like the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, in the Colosseum area, and I studied the marble decoration of the Imperial Forums for about one year.

During my studies, I wrote three thesis: the first two are about the Oriental Religions in Italy during the Roman age, the last one is about the “Temple A” in Campo della Fiera, Orvieto, which is the dig site where I work every summer as a field director, picking and shoveling under the burning Italian sun and leading a small group of students to do the same. That’s my idea of a vacation.

After I graduated in 2012, I started working as a tour guide. After a bit, I founded Roads to Rome Private Tours in order to create a company that would provide high quality private and tailored tours instead of “normal” boring group tours. My dream was to take my clients to the places where I had dug and share my direct knowledge of the sights with them, mixing my education with an innovative idea of tourism. Also, I wanted my tours to be fun and engaging, so that anyone could appreciate the incredible treasures of Rome and Italy.

Most of all though, I wanted to create a company that would have designed tours according to the clients’ needs and interests.

That’s why at Roads to Rome Private Tours we treat our clients as individuals; each tour will go at your pace, and we will help you with any reservations or arrangements you might need during your stay.

We don’t provide simple tours, but life-lasting experiences.